TRIP Group Consultancy

TRIP Group Consultancy

What is ISO 31030: Evolving Expectations of Travel Risk Management
Travel Risk &
Threat Assessments
What is ISO 31030: Evolving Expectations of Travel Risk Management
Travel Risk & Threat
TRIP Group Consultancy - Major Incident Planning
Major Incident
TRIP Group Consultancy - Country Reporting
Journey Management
TRIP Group Consultancy - Emergency Response and Evacuation Planning
Emergency Response &
Evacuation Planning
TRIP Group Consultancy - Medical Assistance
Medical & Security
Travel Risk Procedure
Reviews & Planning
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Travel Risk Ownership

Take control of potential threats with strategies tailored to your organisation’s unique challenges. We equip your team to proactively manage travel risks to help ensure the safety of your travellers.


Providing Value

We focus on delivering tangible benefits and outcomes that enhance your organisation’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our tailored solutions are designed to optimise resources, mitigate risks, and improve  your travel risk management capabilities.

Who is consultancy for?

We work with companies of all sizes that want to improve their travel risk management practices.


Join the 100’s of companies, NGOs, governments and institutions that are supported by the TRIP Group



employees globally have their 

travel reviewed by the TRIP Group

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