Personal Safety & Security Training Course

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This course has been specifically created by the TRIP Group to raise awareness of threats to personal safety, as well as describing effective methods to detect and deter would-be perpetrators of crime. The methods used in this course are designed to avoid conflict and improve knowledge on how to stay safe. 

The course is designed to provide techniques, which are effective in all environments, including;

  • The Workplace
  • Accommodation
  • Urban Areas 
  • Remote Regions 
  • On Transportation
  • Overseas Environments

By improving knowledge of the potential threats to personal safety, delegates will learn how to implement effective measures to help avoid becoming a victim.

Course content includes;

Threat Recognition – Understanding where threats come from and how to avoid them

Situational Awareness – Knowing your environment and how to use it to your advantage

Tradecraft – An insight into some of the models used by security operatives to stay safe

Emergency Response – How to react in an emergency

Useful Equipment – To help keep you safe, including apps and security devices

Q&A – Your chance to put your questions to the experts from the TRIP Group

Please allow 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes Q&A.

The course is delivered by our personal safety and security experts who have extensive experience of operating and delivering training globally.

If you are not a Premium Member of the TRIP Group, you will need to sign up for Basic Membership (free) in order to book your place(s).

Event Cost

Basic Membership £25
Premium Membership £20
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Any questions?

Please use our Contact form to ask our organisers any questions you may have about this event.

Upcoming Event:


09 Nov 2021


2:00 pm

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