Security Warning: Passport Integration with LinkedIn & Instagram


Security Warning: Passport Integration with LinkedIn & Instagram

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LinkedIn and Instagram are now requesting passport information as part of the account verification process. Your passport remains one of the most personal and valuable documents you own. In terms of proving your identity, nothing beats it. It’s therefore critical that you protect it at all costs. The potential risks of not doing so could have catastrophic consequences, particularly in terms of safeguarding your identity.

Background of Insecurity:

What’s really concerning is that over the past two months, both LinkedIn and Instagram have fallen victim to data breaches, leading to the compromise of 40 million records. If we look back even further, incidents from two and ten years ago exposed a staggering 700 million records and witnessed the theft of 7 million passwords, respectively.

These incidents highlight a recurring pattern of insecurity within both Instagram and LinkedIn, casting a shadow over the latest feature introduction. Do you really want to hand over your most secure document to organisations with this security track record, for the sake of a verification badge?

Potential Risks:

1. Exposure of LinkedIn Data: Integrating passport details with your online profile potentially exposes your employment history, current employer, skillsets and education. This information, once tied to passport control or visa application processes, becomes accessible and opens avenues for exploitation. Consider how valuable this might be to a state actor with an interest in the work you are doing in their country and then imagine how vulnerable it might make you.

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2. Target for Intelligence and Criminal Activities: The amalgamation of personal and professional details creates a tempting target for intelligence agencies, criminals, and competitors alike. This data, if accessed, could be leveraged for surveillance, social engineering, and targeted attacks, posing a significant threat to individuals. It could even allow access to your bank accounts and your financial information.

TRIP Group Recommendations:

Given the potential risks, the primary recommendation is to secure your personal information and refrain from linking passport information to any social media profile. The implications of this sensitive data falling into the wrong hands are considerable, making users vulnerable to a wide variety of threats.

As we all navigate the intricacies of the digital landscape, we’re strongly advising members of The TRIP Group to prioritise the protection of their personal and professional information, over verification. Before sharing sensitive data, weigh up the potential consequences and remain vigilant against emerging security threats. In an environment where proactive measures and an informed user base are pivotal, safeguarding personal and professional integrity becomes an absolute priority.

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