Risk doesn't stand still and neither do we

The world
of travel risk...

The Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group was founded with the express aim of seeking realistic and practical solutions to the challenges faced by modern travellers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together those responsible for travel safety and security, in order that they can share and gain experience, knowledge and expertise.

About the TRIP Group

We offer a
safe space

The TRIP Group is a safe space where professionals managing travel risk can connect to advance learning, be challenged and inspired by subject matter experts to facilitate best practice in an ever-changing world.

We keep our
members up to date

We are able to prepare for emerging risks, readied with realistic and practical solutions for the challenges faced by modern travellers. We provide inspiration, education and connectivity to keep our members at the forefront of travel risk management.

The TRIP Community

The diversity of our community is our greatest asset. Our members come from corporations, NGOs, government departments, higher education and travel & tourism professionals. This brings a wealth of experience, united by a belief that together we can raise our collective game.

We're a dynamic

Determined to advance our collective intelligence and inclusive at heart. Our members set the agenda, allowing us to remain agile in our ability to tackle the most current, topical and relevant subject matter.

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