Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our membership is made up of a wide variety of organisations, but essentially the focus is very much on keeping travellers safe and therefore many of those joining are responsible for travel safety, security and health within their particular organisation.

First of all, we don’t run conferences. Our events are unique, as the agenda items are set by our members, which keeps things relevant and topical. We also encourage debate and interaction in order that members leave our events having gained additional knowledge, which they can then take back to their respective organisations.

We have been described by our members as a “think-tank”, a “knowledge share” and a “working group”, but however we are described, the overriding intention is to provide an interactive and educational forum for people to learn more about Travel Risk Management.

We try to make all our events as topical and educational as possible. This allows our members to gain and share knowledge, which they can then take back to their own organisation. It’s a great way to learn about Travel Risk Management and network with other members. Sales pitches are forbidden, so you won’t hear any of those either.

We have a wide network and therefore we are able to draw on some of the world’s leading experts in their particular fields. They are leaders within their subject matter and often advise large corporations and governments. Many sit on our executive committee, which allows us ready access, in order that we can best service the needs of our members.

Free access for two people from your organisation to attend all TRIP Group Masterclasses. You also receive discounts on training & consultancy, have access to TRIP Group webinars and the ability to share knowledge and network within our community.

Absolutely not. Many of our members send staff for whom the subject matter of a particular event is most relevant to. For example, if we hold a session on “Handling the Media in a Crisis” you might want to send someone from your comms team, but if we run a session on legal matters, this may be of more benefit to your legal or HR department.

Head over to the Membership page where you can follow the signup steps.

Yes we accept all major credit cards.

Useful travel risk management resources, including webinars and interviews. Slides of our Masterclass presentations. Photos of our events. Quick and easy sign up access to our events.
The Members Resources page is for TRIP Group members only. You will receive a login password to access this area with your membership.
Please contact the TRIP Group office on and we will send you a new password.
All the TRIP Group events are currently held in London. Training, consultancy and webinars are held worldwide.

It is best to call the TRIP Group office or email and discuss what you require and we will quote accordingly and email you directly.

If you or your organisation are looking for consultancy, you should call [+44 (0) 333 939 0024] or email the TRIP Group office on and someone will contact you to discuss your requirements.
All our Partners are carefully selected for their suitability to provide value to our members. This could be through the services, products or knowledge they are able to bring to the group. If you have something you think will benefit our members, please email us on and we will be happy to discuss it with you.
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